About Us- Specialty Wood Products

The owners of Tech Woods USA are Marty Perkins of Ronan, MT and Ray Emery of Lincoln, ME. Marty and Ray have combined experience of over 75 years in businesses related to wood products and forestry.

Marty is a Maine native who grew up on a farm in Central Maine. Marty has experience as a welder, mechanic, logger, specialty log buyer and owner of a hardwood flooring business. He, and his wife, Donna, moved from Maine to Montana in 1997.

Ray is also a rural Maine native. Ray is a US Navy veteran and a graduate of the School of Forest Resources, University of Maine with a BS degree in Forest Management. Ray has experience as an industrial forester, real estate agent, specialty log buyer and owner of a company dealing in specialty wood products.

Ray visited a manufacturing facility in New Brunswick, Canada that manufactures thermally modified wood in the summer of 2009. Marty asked Ray to send him some samples so that he could show it around to various users in Montana, including gunsmiths. After much testing and marketing, we began to build volume and customer base. Yearly attendance at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas was a key factor in our growth. Hot-Woods was the first name of our company. There was a major restructuring and change of ownership in Hot-Woods in the last half of 2018. Marty and Ray formed Tech Woods USA where Marty built a shop for production right in his backyard and continued our emphasis on specialty wood, particularly Curly Maple and American Black Walnut.

Marty moved the shop and mill into Ronan Montana from his home-base in October of 2020. Since this move the business has grown immensely. Tech Woods USA has gone from one shop, to one shop for the mill and one shop for production and shipping. Marty also built a kiln with furnace (which is heated by waste wood from our scrap materials) in six bays for drying wood. Multiple lean-to sheds have been placed to store our product safely outside. Marty has also teamed with a local Ronan farmer to collect our saw dust waste for cow bedding.

We currently market to most of the major gun manufacturers and we offer custom stock making at our facility in Ronan Montana.