Every Last Piece

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Every Last Piece

In the amount of time that I have worked for Tech Woods USA we have been very conscientious about using all of the material we have. We have log buyers who pick us logs that get delivered to us. After they are received we de-bark them. The slabs that come from the de-barking get piled and we sell them to people around the community that want them for supplemental firewood or for projects. After the log is de-barked it is then milled down to 2.5 or 3 inch specs, then we stack the pieces onto pallets and ship to our place for the thermal modification process. Once the wood is done and shipped back to us we then mark out each slab to be used for the best pieces (stocks, forearms, grips etc.). When this process happens there are times when pieces are checked or cracked or just plain don't make the spec. These pieces are typically called "cull" or "scrap" or sometimes we laughingly call some of it garbage. 

Despite being called garbage or whatever you want to call it these pieces can be useful. We use much of the "garbage" wood for our furnace, which heats our kilns for drying wood. Also in the winter months we use this wood to heat our shops. I myself have used some on camping trips for campfire wood. My parents often use this wood as supplemental wood in the winter for their wood heat. Some of the co-workers use some for turning projects, like wine stoppers or even pen blanks and as far as knife scales.

My boys and I like being crafty (to an extent) so I always see things as being something else. With that we have made airplanes, stick-men and many other projects with these small pieces.

So, I feel that when we say we use every last piece here, well we really do just that. If you want to know more let me know!!